The heart of a Belgian mayor was found in a fountain 180 years later

The heart of a Belgian mayor was found in a fountain 180 years later

Belgium - A story that has been common for nearly 180 years has been confirmed last week. The heart of the city's mayor has been recovered from the bottom of the main fountain of a Belgian city.

A small town in the north of Belgium has recovered a sand during the repair of the main fountain of The Verviers, which had the heart of mayor Pierre David, who died 100 years ago. It has been saved from the heart's malaise because of the drowning in ethanol. Some citizens have written in the document that the mayor's heart is buried under the fountain and the elderly continue to tell their children the same. However, as time went by, it became just a thought story that some people believed, while others called it a story.

David was the first mayor of the city and died in 1839 when he fell from the roof of a building. After that a fountain was built in the service of them. Then, with the permission of his family, David's heart was buried in the fountain floor in 1883. Before that, this heart was kept in an art museum for a long time. David is said to have served the Virus a lot. He was mayor of the city from 1800 to 1808 and was re-elected mayor in 1830 after independence from France.

Writer Ali Hassan 

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